Friday, November 4, 2016

My texts before and after editing look very contrasting. But the main thing — after editing they become much easier.
Simplicity allows you to quickly and clearly convey to the person Your idea. There are people whose time is expensive. Very expensive. In negotiations with such people need 1 minute to convey the essence of the annual business plan. Here easy to solve.

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Explanation: I have already worked with this customer, so he knows what quality work the text on the output and trusts me completely. So, take this order.

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Patient S., 39 years old, contacted the clinic with complaints of absence of teeth on the upper and lower jaw. When discussing methods of treatment, was chosen as the method of mounting dentalna implants. After the study of (CT) it was discovered the bone deficit in the second segment (in the absence of 26, 27 teeth).

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 Before the actual implantation is carried out a thorough examination to identify contraindications and the most effective treatment plan. The doctor will ask you several questions concerning your overall health and, if required, will be asked to pass some tests or to go for a consultation with any specialists. In the case where there is any illness of the mouth, they will need to be cured or put in remission. Also a few days before implantation it is necessary to go to the procedure of professional

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Dental implants – the modern way of restoring the integrity of the dentition by implant, aesthetic and functional properties are not inferior to the natural tooth, the opportunity to return to the patient a beautiful snow-white "Hollywood" smile, which is a dream of many.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Implant and functions, and internal sensations of the patient, and in appearance leaves far behind conventional removable dentures. The patient quickly and easily get used to this almost complete replacement of natural teeth, is not afraid to chew them, not constrained by the mouth feel of a foreign body, and "development" of the implant is easily and quickly.

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Most recently, the world set a new speed record. It was installed on the fastest Audi sedan, which was able to overcome the mark of 418 km/h on the road in Bonneville. Piloted Audi S4 1992 with a capacity of 1.100 HP Jeff Gerner. Jeff, being the founder of Atelier Four Ring Performance, tried to break the world record last year, but then he failed. And only a year later he was able to do it!

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