An essay is a short form of the writings in prose. Composition essays can be free. It must convey the personal experiences and views on a particular issue, but should not bear a claim for the role of "ultimate truth".
In this article, we suggest you read the guidelines for writing a competent essay.
The first thing that should demonstrate your essay - the ability to clearly and logically Express their thoughts and observations to draw conclusions.
Do not overload your essay with facts that are irrelevant to the topic. In order to avoid this common error, clearly identify the main topic of the essay. It should be a red line throughout the essay.
Regardless of the topic, the essay should clearly answer the following questions:
Revealed if you answered the questions on whether the proposed question/topic.
How concisely and clearly you expressed your thoughts.

How well-composed essay.
Structure of writing an essay
The basic rule is a logical connection between all Adami, thoughts and conclusions embodied in the essay.
The introductory part. In this part of the addressee concludes how important to him and what is interesting is what will be discussed.
Quote - a good beginning for an essay, but only if it fits the theme. Avoid sayings, cliches and stamps.
Transitions from paragraph to paragraph should be smooth and logical. This demonstrates your ability to clearly Express your thoughts.
This will help you such words and ligaments, as firstly, finally, moreover, in addition to, to conclude, besides, or too.
If the transition requires an explanation of its appropriateness, then lost the logic of the narrative and should review the text again.
The basic part. This content, is the key message you want to convey to the reader. Before writing an essay, make a plan-a sketch of a few of the main points around which plan to build an essay. Then proceed with the writing of finishing options.
The final part. This is the most important part. Your final words and conclusions should not only be the logical conclusion of an essay, but become embedded in the memory of the reader. Conclusions in essays should return to the idea of the essay and verify it.
To begin, reread the text and answer the question: does the body of the essay, with what you had planned? If Yes - then follow along. If not, then answer a few more questions:
Have you answered all the questions that you wanted? If not, then your essay should be rewritten or supplemented.
Whether you care about examples for each item? If not, urgently to rectify this defect.

Useful tips
Avoid using complicated words and terms that may be misunderstood. No one will run for a dictionary, seeing an unfamiliar word in your work. But rather just not read the essay till the end.
Use synonyms. Check the spelling of verb forms and tenses. The beauty and expressiveness of the text give adjectives and adverbs.
The style and language of writing.
Changes to the rules of the written language in the modern world occur frequently and quickly. Therefore, should pay attention to the abbreviations used in the essay.

The main problem in defining the key point is "how to write an essay in English" is the inability briefly but competently Express their thoughts. As a rule, we try, as they say, "go into unnecessary detail on the tree" or "pouring water". This is exactly what not to do, as a large amount of useless information in your essay in English will not become the dignity of your work, and will be a disadvantage. If you write an essay not on the exam, but just preparing for anything, ask friends and relatives to read it and rate it. They too re-read it several times to see made whether you semantic or grammatical errors, and in the presence safely get rid of them.