Patient S., 39 years old, contacted the clinic with complaints of absence of teeth on the upper and lower jaw. When discussing methods of treatment, was chosen as the method of mounting dentalna implants. After the study of (CT) it was discovered the bone deficit in the second segment (in the absence of 26, 27 teeth).
To avoid repeated operation capacity of bone tissue (in particular the open sinus lift) for installation of long implants, the decision was made by the insertion of short implant (region 26 the lack of teeth, was chosen the Bicon dental implant; in the area of the missing tooth 27 of the implant K3-Pro). On the lower jaw of a standard clinical case in the area of missing teeth allowed to perform surgery long implants K3-Pro. This clinical case shows that even with a deficit of bone, working in the immediate vicinity of the maxillary cavity, the surgical experience doctors and design features used in our clinic implants allow you to restore the dentition defect in a span of 3-4 months, reducing the time the patient's rehabilitation more than six months.