The job of an open type with detailed answers - this is an essay based on the proposed text. It checks the readiness of students ' individual communication skills: to analyze the content and perspective of the text read; to comment on the issue of the source text, the position of the author; to Express and justify their own opinions; consistently and logically
Express their thoughts; to use language in a variety of grammatical forms and lexical richness of the language; practical literacy - design statements in accordance with spelling, punctuation, grammatical and lexical norms of modern Russian literary language.
The main features of the essay In order to properly write an essay, you need to just imagine: what features must be present the work created in this genre. There are a number of the main features of the essay: the theme encourages reflection, sets up a dialogue between the reader and the author asks a question, problem; the problem is stated in detail; use the tools of a specific discipline, if necessary terminology; the problem has been analysed with appropriate examples; the conclusions summarize the author's position, give a complete view. Thus, to write an essay, you need to reflect their own point of view, to supply and disclose the problem, but to do all that is reasonable, based on analysis and facts, avoiding large descriptive fragments. Essay convinces the reader, but does not insist on indisputability of judgment - it is better to try to involve the reader in the dialogue, to cause him concern.