Based on the foregoing, we can agree with the author that the non-integrated sub elite is dominant, because it is taken for the organization of meetings and all of the protest movement. But the denial of rationality, which the author ascribes to the group, is, in my opinion, inaccurate.
Presidential elections were recognized her, and another thing - the leaders of ability non-embedded state that they were impaired and there are facts video from the plots that the court why it does not recognize the evidence. Rationally whether to invest from the so-called "elite" people's money to organize videos from sites? Generally speaking, on the rationality of the current government, you can find plenty of examples where it is not reasonable, that the author, then why not give value. Isn't it rational actions of the authorities and people who wish to overthrow the government or to change it? Further, the author based on 1 rally tells us that people want aggression and revolution, this may be contrasted with statements Navalny and Udaltsov in "Department 2", etc., that they don't want revolution and blood, and want to reach out to the authorities and to attract her attention, get into the dialogue. (Which subsequently was once made, discussed the law on political parties) Negative remarks about the party CP may have appeared to the author opposed to the likes of the Communist party, because, in the end, the author advocates that it is necessary to update the Soviet project of development of the state. The restructuring was not in the bill.
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