The essays. "My pedagogic creed" A clear picture of childhood - still dark, and I'm already in kindergarten, it is dark and I'm still in kindergarten. Parents built the "bright future", and we are the children lived their child's life. My teacher,
Hope Kuzminichna, lived in the same Dorm, and often took me out of kindergarten . And on weekends was "kindergarten" grandma, where frolicked not only we, native grandchildren, but also a gang of neighborhood boys and girls, and , in the bargain , and grandma's students. In my memory will forever remain vivid image of my grandmother. Why? Maybe pretty worked my childhood fantasy? What an inspiration she told us about nature: we fell in love with every blade of grass, bug, admired the beauty of sunrise and sunset, listening to the murmur of the spring brook that ran down the village street. For me it became a type of a REAL TEACHER!