Dental implants – the modern way of restoring the integrity of the dentition by implant, aesthetic and functional properties are not inferior to the natural tooth, the opportunity to return to the patient a beautiful snow-white "Hollywood" smile, which is a dream of many.
A few decades ago, tooth loss was considered irreversible, but today, with the advent of implants, the situation has changed radically.

 The implant is an artificial tooth root implanted in the bone of the upper or lower jaw. Later on he wears a crown that replaces the missing tooth. A dental implant is made of titanium or Zirconia — metals do not cause an allergic reaction, which is firmly fused with the jaw bone and fully performs the functions of the original roots of the teeth. A dental implant is an artificially made, often multi-component design, used for embedding in the jaw bone with subsequent fusion (osseointegration) with the purpose of prosthetics.When a lost tooth is first necessary to recover the root, a dental implant is new, only artificial and the root. Outwardly, the implants do not differ from healthy teeth, moreover, they prevent jawbone deterioration.

 STAGES OF IMPLANTATION How is dental implants and painful to insert dental implants is of concern to many patients. In vain it was represented by a major operation. In fact, the placement of implants in complexity and feels a little different from other dental procedures, such as treatment of caries. To place dental implants may be in one stage or in several stages. Next, consider the stages of implantation of the teeth in the photo.