Before the actual implantation is carried out a thorough examination to identify contraindications and the most effective treatment plan. The doctor will ask you several questions concerning your overall health and, if required, will be asked to pass some tests or to go for a consultation with any specialists. In the case where there is any illness of the mouth, they will need to be cured or put in remission. Also a few days before implantation it is necessary to go to the procedure of professional
 On average, installation of a single implant can last from 20 to 40 minutes. It depends on the complexity of the clinical situation and what is the technique of implantation used. The implant procedure takes place, usually under local anesthesia: with special drills into the bone done small neat bed, where the dental implant is placed which acts as a tooth root. In cases where you want to install a large number of implants, implantation is performed under General anesthesia. After installation of the implant is checked how tightly it sits in the bones and the decision whether to conduct the second stage of implantation, i.e. to install to the implant a temporary dental crown or not. She will not actively participate in the process of mastication, but its aesthetic function is very important, especially if it is the implantation of front teeth.
 Despite the fact that the implant is positioned and pretty well kept some time should pass before it is completely fused with the bone. This process is called osseointegration, which was opened by Professor Per Ingvar brånemark in 1953. Only after 3 to 4 months in the mandible and 5-6 months, on top you can install a permanent crown made of metal ceramics or ceramics. If possible, preference should be given to all-ceramic crown, which colour and transparency perfectly imitating a natural tooth. In addition, solid ceramics does not cause allergies and avoids darkening of the gums, which can occur when metal-ceramic prosthetics.


 The possible appearance of slight swelling and pain after dental implantation, which take place in a few days is the norm. Hot meal is only possible through the day after the procedure. It is desirable to limit the menu to foods that do not require strong chewing. After the implant is placed some time will need to take antibiotics and undergoes regular preventive examinations.

During the process of engraftment of the implant is also important to carefully observe individual hygiene of the oral cavity. As for the rest after dental implant we can maintain your normal lifestyle.

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