Explanation: I have already worked with this customer, so he knows what quality work the text on the output and trusts me completely. So, take this order.

But the team is already loaded tasks. Therefore, try wanting copywriter – in wishing there is no shortage.
One more clarification: when I suggest that the copywriter to write a sales letter test (which was originally paid significantly above average) – a direct ticket to the world of copywriting. From personal experience, these tests fail 98 out of 100 people...
It would seem that the complex is 1000 characters? A brief advertising announcement... big deal.
Proved difficult! The copywriter sent three options that did not climb in any gate. I have lost collectively more than an hour to explain what you need. Did not help...
In the fourth illustrated embodiment, when my patience was shattered into millions of soap bubbles – had to postpone the evening, to sit down and rewrite everything yourself.

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